1. Senior Program Officer

The AgriFin Digital Farmer program will operate in 4 African countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Nigeria) utilizing a market ecosystem approach, working with carefully selected partners to build sustainable models, where farm and crop management tools and financial services are “bundled” in affordable, unified platforms on mobile phone channels to promote mass uptake commercially. The program involves three interrelated components that seek to address low farmer productivity and capability, and improve institutional ability to deliver appropriate financial and information products and build ecosystems to drive scale. We work with farmers, banks, mobile network operators, MFIs, research institutes and other ecosystem players in well-defined partnerships to sustainably bundle services, leveraging the offer and outreach of all partners, while increasing the range of services, access points and value for farmers. The program works with partners to identify, prototype, test and scale successful mobile-enabled services for smallholders, with a key focus on expanding access to financial services, using a rapid iteration approach to product development and client-centric design techniques.

We are presently looking for a committed and dynamic individual to take up the position of a SENIOR PROGRAM OFFICER, for our AgriFin Digital Farmer Program.



1. Provision of Conference Facilities 

Tender No: MC-AFA/NBO/0011/MSA/ 2018-19

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Deadline: 14th September, 2018

Correspondence Language(s): English

Brief Summary Description of Project: Mercy Corps AgriFin program requires Conference Facilities for its office in Nairobi, Kenya; The hotel should be located at either upper hill area or Westlands. The conference room should be able to accommodate at a minimum 150 Pax and the hotel should also have provision of break-out rooms.

Eligible suppliers are encouraged to download the request for proposals and Scope of Work for their action.

2. Provision of Accommodation and Conference Facilities for team building for three nights on full board

***Addendum to Tender Package***

Addendum no: 00001

Tender Name: Provision of Conference Facilities

Date Issued: 17th September 2018


This Tender Addendum amends the copy of the Tender package MC-AFA/NBO/0012/MSA/ 2018-19. Tenderers are required to sign this addendum with the tender submission as confirmation that the addendum was taken into consideration.

Price Offer Sheet- Accomodation and Conference Services team building

Tender No: MC-AFA/NBO/0012/MSA/ 2018-19

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Tender Package Available From: 10th September 2018

Deadline: 28th September, 2018

Correspondence Language(s): English

Brief Summary Description of Project: Mercy Corps AgriFin program requires Accommodation and Conference Facilities for about 25 team members for a team building that will be held in January 2019; The hotel should be located in the outskirts of Nairobi and should be able to accommodate the team members for 3 nights, full board.

Eligible suppliers are encouraged to download the Request for Proposals and Scope of Work for their action.





There are currently no tenders.


There are currently no tenders.