1. Chief Accountant

Hiring organization: Farm Drive

Location: Kenya

Deadline: 9th March 2018

View vacancy document here

The chief accountant’s primary responsibilities will be:

  • Design, implementation, and execution of the entire accounting and financial reporting function for the organization
  • Grant and loan portfolio management
  • Loan portfolio management software
  • Internal controls / internal audit / monitoring
  • Audit and tax
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Fundraising & financial strategy

For a full description of the position, eligible candidates are encouraged to download the vacancy announcement for their action.




1. Consultancy Services for Market Research and Go to Market Strategy Development Company

Tender No: TZ/AFAFP300001/FY2017

Location: Tanzania

Deadline: 21st February 2018

View Tender Addendum document here (16 Feb 2018)

View Tender document here

The firm shall comprise of the following tasks:

  1. Conduct market research among members of various preselected VSLAs by CARE – Chomoka team. Basically the research will be based on finding out groups’ feelings after having a look at the app and testing, groups willingness to leave traditional means to adopt digital means, number of women members of each group, how much are groups willing to pay if they were to pay for the app, training mode deemed suitable for groups, improvement suggestions if any. e.t.c
  2. Document market research findings and share a general document with CARE – Chomoka team and AgriFin Accelerate showing various things like; number of groups interviewed, demographics, economic activities groups engage in, general digitization perception of VSLAs
  3. Conduct a work shop with CARE – Chomoka team, AgriFin Accelerate and other members who may be invited by CARE for discussion of the market findings and the proposed sales pitches
  4. Document and submit to CARE and AgriFin Accelerate recommended marketing plan, this plan will have methods to be used for converting groups to Chomoka app users
  5. Document and submit a sales pitch, the pitch will be used by community-based trainers who will act as sales agents to sell Chomoka app to VSLAs
  6. Provide recommendation on the cost VSLA members are willing to pay for Chomoka app access based on research findings and market experience and the firm’s expertise from the general Tanzanian market overview for new products adoption.

Eligible candidates are encouraged to download the tender document and accompanying tender addendum document for their action.


2. Digitization of WFP farmer extension messages

Tender No: ZM/AFAFP300001/FY2018

Location: Zambia

Deadline: 19th February 2018

The scope of work shall include the following activities:

  1. Concept development based on content from WFP
  2. Script-writing: this will be an iterative process, taking into account input from AFA/WFP
  3. Iterative video/audio content development process, taking into account input from AFA/WFP
  4. Quality video/audio shooting based on the script
  5. Video/audio scripts should be in English and be translated in Bemba, Nyanja and Tonga

Eligible candidates are encouraged to download the tender document and accompanying SOW document for their action.

3. Behavioral Design and Customer Engagement Firms

Tender No: TZ/AFAFP300002/FY2017

Location: Tanzania

Deadline: 19th January 2018

The following tasks will be carried out by the identified behavioral change, customer engagement and personalized conversations solution provider;

  1. Study Halotel’s GSM data, Halopesa data and Haloyako data especially based on transactions for customers and for the Halopesa agents.
  2. Design and plan a methodology to be used in engaging all key players who are customers, agents and Halotel’s customer support to ensure positive behavior change is driven and desired results for customer increase, agents’ transactions increase and customer support improvements are achieved.
  3. Design and use personalized methods to engage customers and agents to achieve greater number of the desired deliverables.
  4. Determine which among three Haloyako savings features (normal savings, auto-savings & targeted savings) are most desired by each customer and promote particular savings feature to respective customers
  5. Engage both customers and agents through tailored conversations that will drive them to use more of the Halopesa / Haloyako services which will in turn solve Supply growth and demand growth needs simultaneously; that is to ensure sufficient agents and sufficient customers are available for both parties to realize value for Halopesa/Haloyako services
  6. Provide advisory services and recommendations to the partners and AFA based on customer engagement experience, existing Halopesa / Haloyako data study and behavioral designs on actions that can be effected to influence greater uptake, improved conversion rate and number of active users per 30days.

Eligible candidates are encouraged to download the tender document and accompanying SOW document for their action.



9 Jan 2018: Tender Addendums have been added on the respective pre-qualification of service tender notice

9 Jan 2018:  Extended deadline for submission has changed from 19th January 2018 to 31st January 2018 at 5:00 pm Kenyan time.

4 Jan 2018: Click here to see the responses to questions asked during the pre-qualification of service providers notice.

4 Jan 2018: Extended deadline for bids submission: 19th January 2018 before 5:00 pm.

Mercy Corps is a non-religious, non-profit and non-governmental international humanitarian organization.

Mercy Corps AgriFin Accelerate invites applications for pre-qualification and biennial tenders from qualified, eligible competent and interested bidders with a proven background for the supply and delivery of the under listed services.

Interested and eligible bidders can access tender documents and proposed scope of works below.


 Item No  Tender Number  Description  Download  Tender Addendum
1. N/A Questions and Responses for the pre-qualification of service providers notice  Responses Document
 2.  MC-AFA/NBO/0001/PSA/2018-19  Strategic Management & Finance Consultant  Tender Document  Tender Addendum
 3.  MC-AFA/NBO/0002/PSA/2018-19  Communications, Marketing and Publications  Tender Document  Tender Addendum
 4.  MC-AFA/NBO/0003/PSA/2018-19  Farmer Capability  Tender Document  Tender Addendum
 5.  MC-AFA/NBO/0004/PSA/2018-19  Human Centered Design, Behavioral Scientist and Product Design Consultants  Tender Document  Tender Addendum
 6.  MC-AFA/NBO/0005/PSA/2018-19  Impact Evaluation, Research and Data Analytics and Credit Scoring  Tender Document  Tender Addendum
 7.  MC-AFA/NBO/0006/PSA/2018-19  Technology Services  Tender Document  Tender Document


Click here to see the responses to questions asked during the pre-qualification of service providers notice.

Extended deadline for bids submission: 31st January 2018 at 5:00 pm Kenyan time.

Only tenders submitted in prescribed form (in hard copy) and before the deadline will be considered. Individual consultants and legally registered firms will be considered

All tenders should be submitted in sealed envelopes clearly marked with the tender number and the Tender Description for example:

“Tender No: MC-AFA/NBO/0001/PSA/ 2018-19

 Business and Management Consulting”